Reedsy Launching

By Ricardo Fayet, co-founder of Reedsy

As the self-publishing landscape becomes more and more competitive, with eBook stores for every device overflowing with new entries in every niche, the #1 word among the independent author community has become “discoverability”.

Discoverability means many things. It means getting the metadata right; identifying your target reader; reaching out to potential beta readers or bloggers; being active in communities; learning how to use Goodreads and countless other similar services to introduce yourself to people looking for something new to read – in a word, ‘self-promotion.’ Some authors get the feeling that they need help with this because “discoverability is the key” – and when they say ‘key,’ what they really mean is ‘the answer to all of my problems as an indie writer.’

I’d like to politely disagree. I think it’s too simple an approach to the complex process of writing and publishing. I understand what’s appealing about it. “I’m not selling well because my book hasn’t been discovered yet” is a more reassuring message than “I’m not selling well because my book isn’t good enough”, or “my cover isn’t attractive enough.”  It’s like blaming the marketing people in a company because a mediocre product is not selling well… Sometimes, the product is the problem.

With Reedsy we’re tackling the problem of discoverability from a different perspective. Reaching readers means more than just finding them. It’s about presenting your work when it’s in the best shape possible. We’ve created a curated marketplace for authors to access the team behind their books and make sure they create something readers can fall in love with.

Our London-based (but globally-minded) company launched a few weeks ago by inviting a select group of editors and book designers to the first beta version of the service. Since then, over 200 freelancers have registered, creating profiles displaying their work experience, specialisations and portfolios. These profiles are go through a final review by us before being featured – we want to guarantee a high standard across the marketplace.

With the first of our freelancers on-board, this week Reedsy now enters phase two – we’re now open to authors. Any they can start browsing it and find the best partners for their projects. Our freelancers define the difference between vanity publishing and being an independent author. They’re the ones who have turned self-publishing into something serious, professional—a real alternative to finding a publisher.

Working with Reedsy is a way to create books that readers won’t just buy-to-try, but enjoy – and, crucially, recommend to their friends. This is why indie author organisations such as the Alliance of Independent Authors are delighted to see Reedsy’s marketplace go live. Raising the standard of self-publishing is a real challenge in an industry moving so fast that publishers struggle to keep up – or even, it sometimes seems, react at all.

Reedsy isn’t planning to slow down anytime soon. We want to be more than a marketplace. Soon, mailing manuscripts and chapter revisions will be a thing of the past. As well as connecting you to your editor, Reedsy will provide a place to gather the drafts as you work together and allow for truly effortless collaboration.

Building project management tools to help authors, editors and book designers keep all their workflow in one single, organized place is a totally different challenge from building the first curated publishing marketplace. But the two objectives, if they can be accomplished together, would mean a one-of-a-kind, paradigm-shifting tool for authors.

In the meantime, you can go browse the Reedsy marketplace here, and see what the future of publishing might look like – that is to say beautiful, simple, egalitarian and, most importantly, independent.


Ricardo is an avid reader and startup enthusiast who has been studying the publishing industry with curious eyes for several years. He co-founded Reedsy right after graduating with the ambition to make a difference in the publishing world.

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